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RECAP: I fell down again. How many times will I fall today? I blinked as I saw orange. Huh? I opened my eyes as they focused. I face turned bright red as Naruto-kun himself was standing before me.

   When Kiba-kun said Naruto was coming I didn't know this would be this SOON. I didn't know what to say or do. My head felt light as a feather as it usually does around Naruto. I wanted to faint so badly but I wanted to see him after 2 and half years apart. "Hey aren't you that girl named Hinata-chan right?" Naruto first words said. I nodded as my throat was stuck. A glow of happiness went inside me. He remembers me. My thoughts were soon canceled as a man with spiky white hair, and red lines going down his face like if he was crying red tears stood besides Naruto. I could tell it was naruto's sensei master jiriaya since girls had a description of a guy who peeks into the girl's restroom. "Naruto why haven't you introduced me to this beautiful lady~" he said.  Naruto ignored the last part of the comment "Sorry this is Master Jiriaya and Jiriaya sensei this is Hinata-chan" I stood up my legs wobbling at the mention of my name. "Hi nice to meet you" I said bowing. "Why have you been hiding her from me Naruto trying to keep her all to yourself hm?" He said making both Naruto and me blush. The awkward silence broke as a voice loud and clear said "Naruto…is that you!" I looked over my shoulder seeing the pink-haired Sakura running over with konoharmaru. I waved but was purposely ignored as they passed by me. I felt out of place right there. "When did you get back Naruto?" Sakura asked as Naruto was glad for a distraction. Konoharmaru followed sakura footsteps with his scarf waving like a flag along with his gang. I suddenly wondered why they were making trouble earlier to drop my food "just now" Naruto answered coming closer to the small gang "no long no see Sakura" he said. They both giggled almost in sync. I felt a bittersweet taste in my mouth. I wanted to leave already since I didn't really belong with this reunion of his. "Hey! You gotten taller" Sakura said smiling. "O yeah I have" naruto said making sure. "So you think I've become womanly?" Sakura said blushing. I wanted at the same time hear, but not hear the answer. "You're fine you haven't changed a bit!' Naruto guartenned. Eh!? I thought. "Brother Naruto1" Konoharmaru said interrupting their conservation. Without letting Naruto a chance to reply back a poof of smoke covered everyone's vision. I looked back seeing what appeared. In Konoharmaru's place was a half naked girl with brown hair posing. Before my train of thought happened I fainted as darkness enveloped me whole. I could only hear a few words "See what you did Konoharmaru!"

Naruto's POV:
I stood strong not really feeling the weight on my arms. I looked down seeing Hinata's calm face. She looks so much younger not saying she looked old or anything. But she seemed at peace. I smiled I admit I don't really know hinata a lot but I always felt we had a small connection. I could hear her soft breathing. After the thing with konoharmaru I decided to carry hinata home since it would be simply rude to leave her. I counited walking. Sakura told me kiba should take hinata since old granny tsuande wanted to see me when I went inside town which ended with a bruise on my cheek. It was dawn the clouds setting towards the never-ending distant sun. I heard a voice realizing it matched hinata's. "Na-naruto-kun" she whispered sleep talking. I laughed as she said my name. She sure is weird. I reached her house or so should I say temple. I didn't want to disturb the people so I secretly jumped inside. I was surprised there were barely any guards in sight. "Her room is 3 doors down" a voice said in a low voice. I didn't look back and nodded. 'Thanks" I said. I followed the directions and slowly creaked the door wide open. I was afraid partly I would awake hinata but no movements ever came from her. Her bed lay in the middle of room nicely tucked with a fluffy pillow. I kneed down putting hinata lightly down. "Aren't you suppose to be at lady hokage's office by now?" the same voice said. "I know" I whispered leaving the room silent.

Hinata's POV:
I unhurriedly winded my eyes open. I looked around an unfamiliar room until I comprehended it was my room. Huh? How did I end up here? I reclaimed my memories. I told myself I wouldn't faint but I guess I couldn't do without it. I could tell it was barely dawn from my window. A knock came from my door. "Come in" I responded. Neji walked inside wearing his usually white clothes but wearing a grim face. "Hinata-sama your father wants to speck directly to you" he said I nodded and walked out of the room uttering "thanks Neji-kun"

Naruto POV:
I was welcomed by a hard punch whirling me into the wall making a huge dent. "Your late Naruto!" the pink haired chunin said veins popping out from her head. "Well sorry" I said defending myself. "Hmp!" she said crossing her arms stubborn. "It's been a while since I seen you two" Granny Tsunade said. She still looked the same due to the justsu she uses or else she would look her original age. The purple diamond was still in the center of her temple. I forgot the presence of jiriaya sensei standing next to the still mad sakura. "im sure your training produced good results right?" She said. "You think we came back without making back any progress?" Jiriaya sensei replied back. "It went perfect!" I added with thumbs up. "Then show me the results immediately" she said smiling. What was her sleeve now? "Show. You?" I said confused.  "You will take on a particular man." She said adding mystery to us hoping we'll guess all day long. 'I didn't send him on any missions for the past several days" she counited "and had me standby for this very purpose" my mind was blank. "Your opponent will be..." before she could answer there was a knock on the door wanting to come in. "come in" she said happily. I stared at the door seeing which person im going to battle very soon. "Oh!" standing in the doorway was shikamaru, and temari. "Shikamaru, temari look whose here!" Sakura said like showing me off. "Naruto" Shikamaru said with a blank face with no expression of happiness to me. "Hey that's you isn't it naruto!" He said I guess realizing it was really me. "Shikamaru"I replied back. He grown a lot taller then before and seemed more mature. 'so your back?" "yeah just this morning" I said starting conservation. "You don't as stupid as before" shikamaru said like it like the comment was good." "I mean hey have you changed?" he changed his sentence. I laughed. Sakura whose purposely wasn't trying to hide it saying "no he hasn't" "o I thought so" he said not surprised that all that my unchanged self. Everyone in synced laughed. "Wait does that mean you're my opponent Shikamaru?" I said remembering the previous conservation with granny hokage. "Opponent? What do you mean?" Shikamaru said confused by my words. "I just came to deliver these documents" huh! You're not my opponent Shikamaru" I said back at square one. "Then..." I said looking at Temari who still stood tall in the door frame. "Who are you again" I said remembering her name not her. "you don't remember me?!" she said getting annoyed. "Naruto that's not your opponent" Granny hokage said. "He's out there" pointing to the window which would give me the answer. "I opened the window and on eh side of the window stood Kakashi-sensei!
Okay first off so no one is mad. these pictures ARE NOT MINE i simpily found them on the internet so if its your picture then awesome!

anyway Naruto-kun comes back what will Hinata do finding her mostly by herself with her crush?

sorry for the wait i really glad people liked it and im so happy getting ur favs too! >.< sorry for misspelling or anything if you spot one plz tell me so i can fix it right away!
Hina-Hime-Chan Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
Its "conversation" not conservation :)
naruhina108 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the correction,ah! this was like one my first series so when i read back I could see my progess but I'm glad to hear that you like it >///<
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