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                                  7 minutes in heaven
                                   (Akatsuki flavor)

'Why does this happen only to me?!' You thought. You were just walking and stumped upon a cave. You just wanted to explore it, until 6 weird guys stop you with a friendly greeting. They all wore the same clothing, black cloaks with red clouds on it. "Hey! Pein this is the probulary the newbie Zetsu talked about!" A blonde haired guy said as a long bang covered his right eye carrying you deeper inside the cave. "Really! That's a certain surprise" A man said stepping out of the shadows as I saw he had a lot of piercings located all over his face. "Ya!~ and it's a girl too" A masked man said almost dancing full of joy.

You were going to explain to them that you weren't any newbie they thought you were until you remembered the last phrase the masked man said. "Eh! What do you mean it's a girl too!?". A silver haired guy with light purple eyes came up whispering to you "Its because there's only one girl but boss over there always has dibs on her" "I heard that!" the "boss" said "Almighty push!" he yelled as the guy with silver hair crashed into the nearest wall. "Ow! You know that fucking hurts!" He said as he leaned his right hand onto his injured head. "Hmp what's the newbie's name then?" A red head said as you didn't noticed him standing in the corner the whole time.

He looked probulary the least weirdest and normal out of all of them. "Oh well I am ________" "oo!~ _______-chan! I'm Tobi, a good boy" the masked man said as you just realized his real name. Soon all the guys gathered around telling you all of their names. "So you're Itachi, Deidara, Pein, Sasori, Hidan, and Tobi" you said as you repeated their names to memorize them into your mind. "Well we're missing 4 people right now" Sasori included. "Ooo!~ Tobi got a good idea! We should have a party~" He said as he already had a party hat on his head. 'Eh!? When did he…!' you thought but ignored the simple thing to the back of your mind. Everyone looked at the boss like asking for his permission. "Why not" he said not wanting to let everyone spirits down. "Yeah so amazing might as well play 7 minutes of heaven!" Sasori said joking around.

Well that leads me to sitting down on the floor around 7 guys I barely just met in a circle. 'Well I guess you can't get out of this pickle _______' you thought almost sighing, "Tobi has the bucket!" he said with a hat instead. "Um...Er…isn't that a hat?" you say confused by his words. "Or is it!" he said answering your question with a question. "…eh?" you mutter. "You get used to it un" Deidara whispered into my ear as he leaned to you.

"What's with all of the noise!" A guy said appearing inside the living room. He had dark coal eyes and raven hair. 'Well I guess he isn't much of a morning person' you thought. "Sasuke-kun! Come join our party!~" Tobi said trying to hug him. "Or I'll tell everyone about your secret~" He muttered loudly at Sasuke. "Fine" he said giving up as he sat across from you. 'He didn't ask about me' you thought. "Since you're the newbie you pick first _____-chan!~" The masked man said sweetly as he gave you the "bucket" that looked like a hat. You after 10 seconds pick up a…

Hi guys this is my first 7 minutes in heaven kind of thing. If you want just suggest what guy you what me to do! I wanted to do something with Akatsuki since they are awesome XD anyway reviews are gladly welcomed ^o^/
When a girl stumbles upon the Akatsuki base and gets mixed up into the game of 7 minutes of heaven! O.O" *gasps* XD
Suggestions for members you want are welcomed!

Tobi ----> [link]

Sasori -----> [link]

Itachi ----> [link]
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Diskuli Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist
I srsl need the Zetsu one! I haven't found ANY Zetsu x readers and I am saaaad :C
Story-of-a-Mind Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Damn, why didn't we have this 7 minutes of heaven game in germany! We only had truth or dare...
7 minutes of heaven fanfic seems rather popular these days, but that does not matter as long as you do it well.

No let's see, who do I want first. Zetzu would be fun and interesting, but he isn't there yet. So how about Sasori first?

Slight hint for improvement: Maybe recheck your tenses. I think they are a little mixed up.
naruhina108 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you very much! And zetsu will be fun! Well i am already almost done with 2 of them! ^0^/
Story-of-a-Mind Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Cool, I am looking forward to those :)
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