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                                  7 minutes in heaven!
                                  (Akatsuki Flavor XD)

"Since you're the newbie you pick first _____-chan!~" The masked man said sweetly as he gave you the "bucket" that looked exactly like a hat. You after 10 seconds pick up a…

A wooden block!? You thought confused of what laid on your palm. It seemed like something you would use for games like Jenga. "Eh! Who would put in a wooden block?" You asked looking for the person.

"Ugh…Tobi I swear you get dumber everyday" Sasori said as he claimed the piece. "But Tobi is a good boy!~" He replied back as you felt he was smiling behind the orange mask of his. 'I…I got Sasori' you thought trying not to turn red like a tomato already. "Okay guys have fun! Well not too much fun..!" Deidara said with an evil smile wide enough to spread ear to ear as he gladly pushed you two into the pitch black closet.

You couldn't see a single thing in the limited space given to you. You heard the loud clutch as the closet was officially locked. It wasn't like you wanted to escape from the handsome red head so you were glad at the privacy they were giving you at least.

You would not even be shocked if they were trying to listen to your upcoming conservation by putting their ears against the door, but you still didn't care. You wanted to pick him from the beginning.

Now you were uncertain of which actions to take first so you began with a simple thing. "Wait I have a question why would Tobi put in a wooden block?" You said curious of his recent actions. "He's being his usually stupid self since my technique is using puppets" He answered.

"Puppets? That awesome!" you said actually meaning it. "You...You don't find it creepy or anything?" He said bewilded by my reaction. "Nope~" you say without a flinch. You smiled as he couldn't see your facial expressions in this darkness that consumed you two.

You stood quiet for a minute until Sasori broke the silence like brittle. "I know this might be…well out of topic right now but what is art to you?" as he took you by surprise. "Art?" You say repeating his question out loud again. You hesitated before answering his such direct question.

"I think art is a masterpiece with unlimited creativity and should last an eternity" You said surprised that your own statement. By the time you finished your sentence you barely realized that he was inches away from you which caused you to get a light pink color plastered on your cheeks.

"I completely agree with you _____-chan" He said with a soft silky voice that reminded you of velvet.  He placed his finger upon your chin making you look straight inside his emerald green eyes that you could drown in anytime of the day. You smile as you think of this. You slowly draw your lips to his like a magnet. They fit perfectly into his.

You were amazed of the gentleness he used on you. He held you firmly sending the message of never wanting this moment to end. You clutched back feeling the same exact way making no space intervene.

You broke apart taking in small breaths. "Wow you're a better kisser then I thought you were Sasori" you said teasing him as it resulting him blushing wildly. "Ha! Aleast I surprised you" he said with a laugh before couniting back to your uncompleted session. This time came with more hunger as you ruffled up his blood-stained hair.

He clutched your face pushing you closer to him.  "Guys!~ your 7 minutes are over" As you recognized it belonged to Tobi.

You were nearly about to say to give you guys 5 more minutes but you knew they would probably laugh at you. You moved apart trying to make sure to leave no evidence behind.  

"Ugh right when it starts getting good" He commented as you giggled. The door opened reviling the light which at first stunned your eyes since you were already used to the darkness.

Both of you walk out of the closet hand in hand. "So Sasori, my man you finally got a kiss!" Deidara said as everyone looked at Sasori's messed up hair. Well one clue was left behind.  "Shut up" he said as he gladly smiled back at me.


Hi guys I hoped I got Sasori's personality good enough! >//<  
And I know this is a short chapter…
Sasori's turn!! O.O

Here's the link to the Intro!


Tobi -----> [link]

Itachi ----> [link]
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Story-of-a-Mind Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Jippey, Sasori!
The art question really is a cliché though. And they are also agreeing on it. Bad luck for me, I would have loved if they would have a fight about it ;)
But I liked the part with the messed up hair as evicence :)

PS: found some little missing words and minor spelling mistakes. Can I keep them?
naruhina108 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Omg that would be also awesome too now that i think about the whole fighting part x.x ROTFL oh well though. and what do you mean by keep them? And xD you liked that part >//< and yesh there is alot of cliches here and there.
Story-of-a-Mind Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I meant keeping them to myself as secrets and maybe painting my walls with them if I feel a little crazy :alientwo:
naruhina108 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
XD ROTFL i guess why not
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